Korg PadKontrol: No MIDI signal.

Hey everyone.

Just purchased the Korg PadKontrol.
Installed the latest drivers.
Connected it through USB and MIDI.

(USB out on the korg side, in on the audio interface side)

Cubase doesn’t recognize it at all, meaning no MIDI signal.

Any ideas?

I don´t know the device, but I´m almost certain, you don´t connect it that way.

This is how my keyboard connects and it’s working…

A. Interface


That is MIDI out to MIDI in, but not USB “out” of the Korg to USB “in” of the soundcard, I suppose…?

Yes exactly. MIDI.

plug the usb straight into the computer

I use one all the time. just use the USB. it’ll come up in the Input box of the Inspector as
Korg USB - A, and Korg USB - B. don’t know why that is, but the USB - B one is the one that works on my system.
there’s also, if memory serves, a switch on the back of the unit to tell it to use USB