Korg Samples - Which sounds are better?

There is always the korg legacy VSTi’s.

‘Better’ is so subjective a term.

Sometimes there is a sound that is just great but might be too big to ‘fit’ in the mix.
In this case a ‘thinner’ variant might be a more viable solution.

My approach is to get as many diff sounds as you can afford (or make yourself).
(after all this time I am still creating new sounds with PadShop. —go figure)

Korg’s - ‘Triton Extreme’ or ‘Kronos’ or ‘M 3’ ?

My advice Steve: Get um’ all. :slight_smile:

Korg dms1 12bit sample libraries blows the sox off all modern day libraries .

the korg Dsm 1 is the rack version of the dss .


As your in to all your old gear Steve , if you can find a dsm1 buy it ,they are truly a great sampler and with 16 individual outputs that can be set to key switching you will have a monster on your hands . The OS is a bit of a pain having to make sample patch disks before being able to load them up as a performance but it’s well worth it . The synth engine is tremendous .
Keep your eyes peeled for one , you’ll love it !