Korg Triton Rack setup with Cubase 7

I am looking for some links to setting up external synths to Cubase 7
im familiar with older versions where I used studio moduals but I just cant seem to find what I need for Cubase 7
(im using a Motu midi interface with 8 ins and 8 outs that part is working and communicating with all channels
I made instruments for my hardware on diff midi ins and outs)

I need to set up the following hardware
Korg m1, Roland xp80,Korg Triton Rack,Akai s3000xl,novation bass station.studio master P7
(I am using the xp80 as the midi input device and I have midi in and out working good I just don’t have a function to change the programs on screen like when I used the studio moduals in older versions)

any links or a point in the right direction appreciated