Korg X5D and Cubase MO

I would like to know if the last cubase program is compatible with korg X5D.
And another thing, if it is possible recording sheet music in Cubase playing korg X5D.

Hi and welcome,

What do you mean by “compatible”, please? Yes, Cubase is compatible with any MIDI device.

I mean ‘compatible’ match with.

The last cubase plays with windows 10
The korg X5D I think plays with windows 95 is it true?is it possible cubase matchs with the korg X5D and plays with windows 10?


As I said, Cubase is compatible with any MIDI device. Even much older synths with MIDI are compatible with Cubase. You would just send MIDI data.

So yes, X5D is compatible with Cubase.

Thanks for your answer
I refer to composition theme
If I connect korg X5D with midi to last cubase are sheets music written while I am playing with korg X5D?


Yes, you can record MIDI data (Note On/Off), which can be displayed as music sheet/scores.

Thank you very much for your answer and your time

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