Krieg das neue Licensing für V13 nicht auf die Reihe, Update von USB Dongle , Hilfe bitte

Hi , Mein Cubase 11.5 , auch V12 funktioniert noch über USB Dongle. Hab jetzt V13 Update gekauft, Download Manager und auch E-licenser sagen : Download Code ungültig.
“Sie haben einen Download Access Code für ein Produkt-Upgrade eingegeben, aber sie besitzen keine Lizenz” … Neuste e-Licenser Software am Start, ich bekomme es nicht hin. USB-Licenser steckt und wird erkannt.
Irgendwer einer eine Idee ?
Besten Dank !

Hi German friend, there is a dedicated section of this forum dedicated to your language

No Probs, I can English too, Thx, for your care!
Hi , My Cubase 11.5 , also V12 still works via USB dongle. Now I bought V13 Update, Download Manager and also E-licenser say: Download Code invalid.
“You have entered a Download Access Code for a product upgrade, but you don’t have a license” … Newest e-Licenser software at the start, I can’t get it to work. USB-Licenser is plugged in and recognized.
Any ideas ?
Many thanks !

As far as I understood there is no more USB dongle since 12. I installed it like years ago but from what i recall when you start 12 it asks you to login to validate the license (just the first time).
I think there are more info here

But at least for 12 and 13 you should not need the dongle at all.

Lemme summon some old friends here :smiley: to confirm or disprove me
@Dr.Strangelove and @steve

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Oh and yes you need the Activation Manager app

I started activation app. Logged in on my account. Still Message no cubase V12 Lic to update. But License is on the E-Licenser ! How must I migrate these all Products ? Have so many Steinberg Products, and I don’t want to loose none by this actions. Thx.


although it’s possible that a user might have additional software that ‘might’ need the dongle - such as legacy SB sound packs or plugins.

you CANNOT have a C12 license on an elicenser

C11 was the last version to use it.

I have additionals plugins on the dongle. Ok, so uninstall Cubase 12 and reinstall only with activation manger should work ? So I have that license turned to new Cubase Online licensing ? Thx.

Oh No you are right. V12 not on USB . I messing up with 2 different accounts here. But now I know what to do. Thank you very much for your help friends.
Keep rocking !!


Glad it helped!