Kronos X patchscript

Hello !!

Where exactly should I place my Korg Kronos X patch script generated by kronos editor
in Cubase AI 6 ??

i’ve pasted this to following path
Applications/Cubase LE AI Elements
restarting cubase …etc

but it doesn’t appears in the midii devices list

please tell me how to fix this

i’m using macbook pro 8,2 late 2011 , OSX 10.8.2

thanks in advance !!!

In other words I want to control my Kronos X with Cubase project and Cubase project with Kronos X
eg integrate ,
for example to adjust project tempo with KronosX tempo knob and vice versa etc
totally use Kronos X like it is a Hardware hypersonic or so

Just found this post by accident,while looking for something else and thought I should offer a reply.
I remember having similar difficulties with the scripts on an iMac,Lion…

It has already been answered on this forum previously,but I will provide the additional info you may need.

Add the file into the following…

Note…if you can’t see the Library…it may be hidden on the mac and will need to be altered to see all files etc.

Hope this helps.

Also,please drop by the Korg forum as well (if not already done so)…and join us there.

Best Wishes.