Hello everyone. I have decided to share my latest complete projects “The March of Simon” and “The Escape” with everyone here. In fact, they are my first two songs in Cubase. Please enjoy my compositions; I put my heart and soul into them.


(I’ve received much feedback already, so most problems people might have have already been taken into consideration for the future remastered versions. Still, opinions and comments are appreciated very much.)

Thanks everyone.

That piano stab at 00:40 needs taming, the overall volume drop after it is too extreme. I found the snare to be too distracting also, maybe drop it a few db?

The Escape. Good piano writing.

Both are good compositions but let down by the sample libraries. What sample library was it?

Good effort Karl but I reckon saving up for a decent sound library will do these compositions quite a favour :sunglasses:


That is exactly what I thought. The music isn’t bad and generally well written and enjoyable, but it sounds like a GM soundbank which is a shame.

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:. Yes I absolutely need new instruments. unfortunately I’m just a hobbyist in High School and no time for a job at the moment. I had to persuade my parents to purchase Cubase in the first place, so all I’m using right now is the default HALion Sonic SE sounds. Funny that I’d go to such great lengths in my position, but I really do enjoy composition. In these songs, for percussion I used Groove Agent ONE, but now I tend to use the “Sky” Kit in KORE 2 Player, which is slightly better. That should hint at my desire to purchase Komplete 8 from Native Instruments. Again, it’s quite expensive so somehow I must figure out how to acquire the funds. I really don’t have any good sounds :frowning:.

The March of Simon; I literally composed it as I was learning how to use Cubase, so I didn’t quite figure out how to adjust the parameters correctly. (Couldn’t figure out that the HALion SONIC SE orchestral Library relies on Modulation for volume level.) I thought the same thing about the snares; They might be completely rearranged and will absolutely be toned down a bit. Until I get much better instruments it’s not worth it for me to edit these songs. They will stand as testaments for my overall progress. After all, I finished the March… in March, and The Escape in late July.

RANDOM QUESTION: Do any of the HALion Sonic SE Grand Pianos have some sort of sustain pedal command? I tried drawing in the CC64 parameter but it doesn’t seem to affect the patches. (Almost no doubt; the default instruments really are quite bad. Sometimes I think I should have gotten Logic Pro instead since it actually “decent” has built in-instruments. If I can get Komplete though, I will not regret my decision, even though Cubase on my macbook pro seems to have some troubles every so often.)

Actually I’m curious if there’s some trustworthy fellow out there that could attempt to do a short remix using better Native Instruments, VSL, or any great library. The first third of The Escape would be a good experiment heh. (I don’t actually expect offers though.)

Thanks for listening; I hope others will listen as well.