Kudos - ADM Implimentation


Could I just pass on my kudos to you and the team for the ability to open ADM (Dolby Atmos) wav files in WL.

Yesterday, I had to master a stereo track that… for obvious reasons … needed to ‘match’ the ADM file exactly in terms of audio start and overall length.

The ADM had been prepared by another (film post production) studio and I was making no changes to that.

Previously, I have been doing this type of work and alignment in Nuendo which of course has a complete Dolby Atmos suite.

This was the first time I tried this in WL and it was so intuitive and straightforward.

I could even convert the ADM into a montage and … unexpectedly … render a reference stereo wav file. It was really nice being able to do everything in WL.

I don’t expect, or want, WL to have Nuendo capabilities as they are obviously built for different purposes … but this limited implementation really is top shelf.

Thanks again.

This request comes more and more, I must say. This possibility is under investigation. We’ll see.

I am confused. Paul says he did it, PG says “we’ll see”. Which is it???

ADM files are indeed normal WAV files. Hence they can be opened by WaveLab.
What WaveLab can’t do, it to recognize/process the special metadata included in ADM files.


Thanks for the clarification. Much appreciated.