Kundalini Awakening - The Solo

A 9(!) minute snippet from a much longer piece.
100% in the box - no external instruments or processors.
HALion, GrooveAgent (Rock Kit), AmpleSound, MusicLab, Realitone, EastWest Brass (which, sadly, is no longer avaialble) instruments,
A whole bunch of processors, but everything pushed through just 2 echoes and 1 reverb,
A belly dancer, because I love belly dancing. (Watching, not doing - it’d put my back out, gawd blimey.)

Okay, a Kundalini Awakening has about as much to do with a woman gyrating in a skimpy outfit as spirituality has to do with televangelism. :slight_smile:

That said, the soundtrack is pretty cool and as an old Deep Purple/Blackmore fan, I’m also glad to hear something that doesn’t rely on a loop library for its composition.

I like the organ sound. What is that preset?

Pleased you like it!
The organs are HALion’s Model C - I just pushed and pulled the drawbars until I found something I liked, using the in-built amp and Leslie.

It sounds good on the track wherever it stands out.

Here’s a video I whipped up quick - it’s just a few bars…

Thanks, Googly. Yeah, it sounds good. There’s a bit of weight to the sound. Chunky, even with the reverb. It’s a whole lot better than the high, squealing sounds that some organ presets offer. My hearing is still okay and those are more like tinnitus frequencies. :slight_smile: