Kurzweil k2500 problems

Hi. I am a new user of cubase. I connected the k2500 kurzweil to computer by midi usb cable. I do not know why, and how, my k2500 on one octave key is playing like on arpeggiator ( not single but pulse sound). And pitch wheel stopped working. It is on every instrument I choose in cubase, but it is the same situqtion Even after diconnecting my k2500 from cubase, on every own k2500 sound. What I have to do to back my k2500 playing normal as usual, and how it is possible that cubase changed settings of my k2500?. Or maybe it is some error or damage my k2500?

Maybe you had it in the wrong midi mode or control setup, or cubase changed it into that. I haven’t used a 2500 in many years, but I remember there was only 1 midi mode that worked well with cubase.