Kush Clariphonic plug-in incompatability

new to the forum. Thanks in advance for any help.

WaveLab 9.0.15 Mac

3 questions please…

1 - As shown in the video in the link below, Clariphonic is unable to work properly in it’s dual mono or M/S modes. The controls remained linked across the 2 channels where in other host applications they become properly independant


2 - I have not been able to find a way to display 2 plug-ins simultaneous. For example I have an eq and compressor assigned to a clip in Montage mode. I want to view them both as I make changes from one to the other. All it seems I am able to do is select a different tab via the clips window or the tabs in the plg-in window. I want to be able to have multiple displays of plug-ins as an option. This is a critical function for me.

3 - I do not understand the relationship of the Output Section, as opposed to the Master section. This is how I think it is. Am I correct…

Clips -> Clip effects -> Track - Track effects

Multiple tracks summed to Output section -> Output effect (pre or post fader

Output section -> Master section

Is that correct?


  1. Please ask to the plugin manufacturer. Because WaveLab does not know/interact with what is goinf on inside the plugin user interface.

  2. Yes this is possible to show plugins in individual windows.
    Please follow this:

  3. Correct

1 - I have written to Clariphonic and will advise when I get a response.

2 - Excellent. Thanks for the info.

  1. Glad I understand.

I have previously stayed away from WaveLab because of the very confusing GUI (at least to me) in previous versions. Your Version 9 is a Yuuuuge step forward. I am very pleased to be able to finally come to WaveLab with this new version 9.

And your great support here is icing on the cake! KUDOS to all at Steinberg!

With much thanks,

Michael Tapes