KVM extender


who is experienced with KVM extender that work with Nuendo 6 on the Windows Platform.
I use two cheap once that do not work properly. They causing a VST performance overload. That causes playback stop and delayed keycommand execution. I checked all the windows setup regarding powermanagement and usb management. It is all set sa required.
The Extender is a ATEN CE 100(very cheap).
Who uses an extender that works. Please, do not hesitate to share your knowlage with me.


We uses Gefen’s for all rooms.
That being said, all our machines are in the machine room, so in theory, only mouse, screens & keyboard need to be extended. Even -for example- webcams, we “extend” them individually, because they simply overload the USB ports. Which they would also do if you connected a bunch of these things to a single USB port.
For our Nuage, we have extended the 4 video screens with individual extenders, an extender with 4 screens is hard to find, and other solutions were extremely expensive.


Hello Bruese,

As Fredo said the Gefens work well, one of the key features is that they hold the usb HID instead of releasing it, so Windows does not have to re-initialize the HID on every re-connect. The cheap KVMs do not do this.

I’ve also used the IHSE system, it’s designed for large installations (8-288 ports with trunking to more) and a number of studios here in Los Angeles use it. Cat-5 and/or fiber based with an extraordinary number of options, user access controls, etc. The ability to clone HIDs for different user consoles. Truly INSTANT switching. Expensive. In our world we need access to dozens of cpus so it makes sense. We’re trying it out now, it’s pretty impressive.


Hi Bruese,
I’m sorry that I can’t help you on this particular issue, but I’m interested in the fact that you think that your KVM-setup is a causing a VST-load.
I’m experiencing heavy VST-loads as well (I’m using optical DisplayPort-extenders from Opticis and active FireWire-and USB-extenders from Lindy), but I always thought this came because I’m using quite heavy KONTAKT-instruments…? Even when I’m using only 1 virtual instrument (this particular string-library) my system stutters sometimes and cuts off sounds (I’ve checked all the polyphony-settings in my KONTAKT of course) , and now your issue shines a new light on this…
Can you explain why extending your ports seems to increase a systems’ load?


Hi Niekbeem,
this is a complete shot in the dark and on a different tangent, but when you say heavy Kontakt string instrument that stutters - i immediately think of Spitfire libraries. Took me ages to work out why mine were stuttering. If you have not done so, try and put large libraries on different disks, make your instrument pre-load buffer size a little larger (60k -> 90k), and the magic for me was to completely defrag the drives they were on. Only then did they work properly. My drives are 2TB / 10,000 RPM / 16MB disk cache / SATA - so not slouchy, but still the spitfire libs were constantly problematic.

Thanks Mattinay;
you’re definitely right: my sluggish VST-performance was mainly caused with Spitfire Libraries I remember.
I’ll try to follow your hint one day!

Niek/ Amsterdam

Hi, Bruese!
I use the CE 100 in my studio as well, I’ve got it hooked up to a monitor and mouse in the narration booth for the (seldom) times when I’m recording myself doing voiceovers. Apart from the low screen resolution being a pain in the bum, I’ve never had PERFORMANCE issues with it. Maybe there are some other reasons for your system’s behaviour. Then again, maybe I’m just lucky…

Good evening,
I am Running 5 identical Systems. They all have Avid Artist remotecontrols installed. The only difference is that two Systems are remotly operated via KVM extenders. Both of the KVM extended systems showed heavy VST overload problems. I changed the Network connections, copied projects onto the internal drive and so on. Them I disconneted the KVM extenders and the Systems worked as smooth as they should.
By now I bought a coupel of Adder extenders and they work and Are half the price of the Gefen once.


Just bought a load of Ihse Kvm matrixes and connection boxes at auction. I must say it’s among the best stuff out there.
Pretty pricey though if bought new.