L main output intermittent dropouts

I just got the UR44 two weeks ago and have noticed something that has me completely stumped. When streaming any sort of video be it locally or online, the left main output will drop out for about 10 seconds. Inside all of my DAW’s the interface is rock solid. This leads me to believe it’s a driver issue. That being said, if I move the cable a little bit, it’ll come back which makes me think it’s a hardware issue (there’s no crackling, distortion, or line noise however).

The steps I’ve taken:
-Optimizations suggested in the sticky thread here.
-Updated all of my drivers; including the USB port drivers.
-Different USB cable.
-Different TRS cables.
-Tested it with my Scarlet 2i2 (no dropouts).

My PC specs:
Windows 10 Home
Nvidia GT 640
AMD Phenom X2

Update Rolling my graphics driver back two versions fixed the issue. All is well now!