L/R Channel Bleed on Export

Hi All,

I’m creating click tracks for my band. I keep getting the click bleeding from the left channel onto the right channel on export.

There is no sign of bleeding before the export, in fact I have routed the channels to the left side of the stereo out. Everything is hard panned left and the meter is not showing any movement on the right side.

I have checked the file that I exported (MP3) by importing back into Cubase. I can see the bleed in the preview. To add to the mystery, if I export as an WAV file, there is no bleeding.

Anyone else have this problem and better yet anyone know how to solve it?



I’m not an MP3 expert, but isn’t because of the fact how is MP3 compressed? I would trust the raw WAV file.

I was intrigued to see if the mp3 encoding could be at fault. I recorded some drums on L channel only and mixed down to standard mp3 at 160Kbits. Then dropped the resulting file back into Cubase’s audio editor and cranked up the waveform to the max.
mp3 crosstalk test.JPG
As you can see, absolutely nothing on the R channel. So, whatever is causing your problem, it isn’t the mp3 encoding. Hope this helps.

I see. And can you post a screenshot of the corrupted MP3, please?

So…@Martin.Jirsak do you think it could be because I’m choosing too high of a compression for the mp3? It was probably around 70kbit.



I wouldn’t sady ti tis way. The result would be probably the same, if you use lower compress ratio. MP3 comoression doesn’t affect the volume in general. But I could imagine, it could do create a peak in a very special circumstances.

there is L/R encoding and mid/side encoding possible in MP3. Probably lowest bitrate use mid side, which could cause this effect. Try it at 256 for example. If that fixes it, you will have to find the lowest bitrate that is L/R or use a mp3 encoder in which you can set it.

I’ve been having this issue too, but it’s not an MP3 or Wave issue, nor is it an export issue. In my backing tracks, you can hear the click (which is panned hard left) faintly out of the right speaker while you’re simply playing the track in Cubase, not even mixing down. AND…the same is true for the other tracks which are panned hard right. You can hear them faintly out of the left speaker. That’s not really an issue, but for the click, it IS, because of course I don’t want the audience to hear it.
This is something I can’t seem to find help for anywhere.
I’ve tried re-recording the click using a different routing path (Stereo - left only, rather than Mono - input 1), I’ve tried to record the click out of my Roland sampling pad in stereo, I’ve tried to export the mix without using my USB interface … nothing works.
I’m using a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 interface, for what it’s worth.

Here’s something to update: I just took Cubase off the USB interface and listening to the track through headphones through my laptop’s “generic driver”. I opened up “MixConsole 2” and went to the output channel, and panned it hard right. I wasn’t able to hear any bleed-through there, although I wasn’t able to really crank the volume.