L/R Locators locked to Snap Type "Grid"

Moving the Left and Right Locators by grabbing them on the Ruler does not adhere to the Snap Type setting. It does react to Snap On/Off.
I would like to request that moving the Left and Right Locators would follow the Snap Type setting.

In the below example I start with Snap turned off to show that the locator can be placed freely on the Ruler. Next I turn Snap on with the Snap Type set to Cursor but it does not apply to moving the locators. (The Cursor is roughly between bar 2 and 3.)
Instead, moving the locator seems to instead apply the Grid Type setting regardless of the Snap Type choice you made.
Locator snap issue
My wish in the above example is to snap to the Cursor.

In my example I am using Snap Type set to Cursor but the same applies to the other Snap Types as well, such as Events e.g.

It doesn’t follow Event, shuffle or Grid Relative, and there are key commands to set the Locators to Cursor or Event so I would suggest this is as designed.

Wow. Ok, I’ll play your game and change this to an FR instead.

I’m also changing the topic title back from :
L/R Locators not folllowing Snap Type ‘Cursor’
back to the original title:
L/R Locators not folllowing Snap Type
as this applies not only to the ‘Cursor’ type.

I’m not playing a game, I’m saying the concept of the function is different.

The title is not so accurate now is it though, since it seems to say all snap types are ignored, whereas your issue is that it only follows the grid.

But please, continue as you wish.

Fair point, thanks. I changed it again.

I’m trying to find a key command that sets the Left Locator to the End location of a part or event.

Select the part or event, and then
locate selection end
set left locator to project cursor position

Why I suggest it’s as-designed

  • Locators have a different meaning and purpose as compared to events.
  • the manual entries talk about events moving according to the grid changes, but not Locators.

Your workaround requires the Cursor to change location and that the event is selected. If those two factors are not of concern, it works fine so thank you.

The manual also does not mention the Cursor either and although it doesn’t respect the Snap Type setting, it differs from the Locators when moved on the Ruler. It acts as if Snap is off when Snap Type is set to anything but Grid.

At the very least, I find the differences in behavior inconsistent and confusing and the manual doesn’t provide much help straightening it out either.

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Crist this it like reading Chatgpt hahahah