L.V. tie bug?

Here’s a strange one: Has anyone noticed that sometimes when entering L.V. ties that these carry through vertically below where they are not wanted? (See attached). This doesn’t appear to occur consistently however. .

Yes, unfortunately this bug has been lurking since Dorico 1.2. It’s on our list to be fixed. I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Cheers Daniel. Thanks. Also would I be correct in assuming that at some point the L.V. tie function will be extended so that they can be placed on the left side of notes as well as the right in order to indicate how long the tie lasts (particularly if this is for more than one bar).

Yes, we can already do this automatically for “ties in” at the start of a cue, so in due course it should be possible to add a property to activate this for a regular note, too.

Thanks, that will be very helpful.