l.v. tie (from a note to nothing)

Is there a way to have a tie come from a note and go to nothing, as to indicated l.v. in piano or percussion?

David F

Not yet, I’m afraid. Possibly the easiest way to do this for now would be to enter a tie-like marking in text with Shift+X, e.g. you could use one of the elision slurs shown here.

I’m having a hard time getting the hang of unicode (works sometimes for me, sometimes not). So the easier solution was a slur on the two previous notes, then moved over and reshaped.


What system are you using? I’m on a Mac and use PopChar (also available for Windows) to browse fonts. This now works in the 1.0.10 update if you make a paragraph style which uses the Bravura font. For example, I’ve made a paragraph style using Bravura called Ornaments for entering ornaments which Dorico hasn’t yet implemented. I double click a note, press Shift-X, choose Ornaments, go to Bravura in PopChar (which stays selected for the next time) and find the necessary glyph and click it. Dorico places it on the note in the score. Once you get the hang of it, it’s quicker and more consistent than tweaking ties.

Thank you for suggesting this method, Vaughan! I keep forgetting about PopChar when I’m not entering text, but your suggestion reminds me to consider it for a much wider range of situations. Thanks!

I like to thank David for the supplied link - I did not know yet about it!
And Vaughan for mentioning PopChar, I always used to use the character map of Windows, which is a pain in the a…

I’m wondering if we have l.v. tie functionality yet.
By googling, I thought this would be the most relevant place to ask.
For now, I’m going to use the method Daniel suggests here. But is there a way to flip the text for down stemmed notes?

Unfortunately there’s no way to rotate or flip text in Dorico at the moment. The Fingering range in SMuFL defines slur-like symbols that curve both up and down, so perhaps you can use one of those?

Thank you, Daniel! This works!

Following up with this older thread - after hitting Shift X, how does one invoke these exotic characters? (There doesn’t appear to be a “text” chapter in the new manual.)

In general - copy the symbols from the smufl page which Daniel linked to above, and choose “Music text” in the upper right corner of the Shift X window.

For l.v ties, there’s now a native solution. Select the note, open the property panel, and enable Laissez vibrer tie.

Great thank you! I found the laissez vibrer tie. Any way to make those slurs longer looking?

Switch to Engrave mode, select the right-most handle of the tie, and use Cmd-Alt-right arrow to extend it.

There’s also a global setting for the length of l.v. ties in Engraving Options > Ties.

Perfect! I customized that and a host of other things now. Will these settings be in place for all projects? or just this one?

If you’d like these settings to be “in place for all projects”, use the “Save as Default” button in the bottom left corner of Engraving Options. Note that these settings will only apply to new projects automatically. If you want them to apply to projects you’ve already created, you’ll need to go into Engraving Options and use the “Reset to Saved Defaults” button (also in the bottom left corner).