L.v.tie to a rest

is it possible to l.v.tie to a rest?

Once you have added a laissez vibrer tie to a note (using Properties), you can grab its end handle (in Engrave mode) and drag it to wherever you like.

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What are you intending to portray by “tie-ing” a note to a rest, Shiki? If you’re recreating a score that was originally notated in another notation software, it’s quite possible that ties reach rests not necessarily intentionally, but as a result of someone quickly adding a tie to represent an l.v. and that tie extended to a rest due to the way that notation software works.


Yes, certainly unintended dangling ties are a hazard in other software. But still you do find them in “legitimate” literature; I’ve seen them as far back as Mahler. It means to sustain right up to the rest, as opposed to shortening or tapering. The fact that such a dangling tie points directly to the rest makes this clear at a glance.

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If you really need to lock the end to a specific position (rest), you could tie to a note in another voice, then scale the note to 1% effectively hiding it.