L.v. ties

I wonder if Dorico would support laissez vibraire ties in better way than Sibelius.

There are 3 issues:

  1. lenght of the tie - in Sib the ties are always up to next beat which almost everytime is to much.
  2. there’s no such thing as l.v. tie in Sib. We have to use normal ties, so repeating the note with accidental starts to be a pronlem.
  3. l.v. tie across staves/pages - we do not want restating it! We’d like to have it only near the note.

So… would you share how Dorico will work with that?

Thanks in advence!

As of today, Dorico doesn’t have any specific native support for laissez vibrer ties, but I expect that we will add support for them soon. I agree with you that they should not necessarily be implemented using regular ties, but instead should be their own special kind of thing, as they should behave somewhat differently to regular ties.

Thank you for the reply. It’s really something what would make our life easier :slight_smile: I hope that you’ll find the solution!

What about a set of L.V. note heads?

A little off topic-

Many music fonts have l.v. arcs included. I use these with my Brand X music software and would never attempt trying to use a tie. You should be able to enter them as text, expressions, etc.

If you change Laissez-Vibrer ties (length etc), these changes are not shown in galley-view. The whole laissez-vibrer thing is already a big ‘workaround’ for me, but not showing adjustments makes it even more difficult to work with them, sorry.

Galley view doesn’t show graphical adjustments that don’t make sense there. Graphical adjustments are usually specific not only to a particular layout, but also to a specific chain of music frames in that layout, and because the layout of galley view bears little to no resemblance to how the final page layout will appear, all such adjustments are not shown there.

I understand. Thanx for the explanation Daniel.