La Muse Infidèle - Sur les Monts Maronites [Full Album] (Underground Rock, Lyrical Folk-Pop)


So here is my 1st complete album, it contains 7 tracks. I hope you’ll have the patience and enthusiasm to listen to it completetly and give some feedbacks! :wink: (All lyrics are in French, except the intro of the 1st track that is in English)

Cheers from France,

The pieces sound quite underground to me indeed. I am fine with that but the tonal balance appears rather alienating and quite hard for the listener on the long run. I think there should be less harsh upper frequencies in the mixes all across.

But I do appreciate the artistic uncompromising approach.

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Thank you for listening!

Your feedback is kept in mind. I’m working on a 2nd set, I payed more closely attention to the upper frequencies on the 1st song I made for it.
Also yeah, I usualy compose in Gm/Cm or Dm, but for this first album I digged into my OneDrive and had the surprise to find back compositions from 2 years ago that I liked, so also sometimes the style of the album may seem varied and I must admit myself, found it a bit unbalanced after multiple listening.

Happy you appreciate it.