La Procession des Coccinelles

This is my first new tune and posting since near the beginning of 2019. For anyone who’s ever listened to any of the songs I’ve written and shared here, this is a bit different. It started out with a little dabbling on an acoustic guitar in DADGAD tuning. That struck me as having a debt of sorts to years spent listening to early 70’s Fairport Convention, along with some of the Celtic sounding things I heard Richard Thompson do on a few of his post Fairport albums from that decade.
Somehow these origins and inspiration led to something that’s sort of like the music for a procession at the start of a Fete/Festival from the Late Middle Ages. This went through a lot of changes from the original idea to what you’ll now hear. For an explanation of the title be sure to read the description that I included in bandcamp.
La Procession features acoustic guitar, and electric bass played through Line 6 Helix Native plug ins into Cubase 10. The synths and percussion are all from Halion and/or Groove Agent in Cubase 10 too.
Hoping you’ll like what you hear if you’re kind enough to give this a listen.

Hi Swetch. This is huge work! and from many perspectives. I’ve enjoyed the Q&A between instruments. Also the change of chords. really deep thinking.
The woods in the backs give great moods too!
This is very good and cool!

Thanks for the kind words, Stephco. I spent so much time on this song that I still can’t really listen to it without hearing something that I wish I’d changed, or still might change. It was one of those situations where I threw up my hands and said “That’s it. No More twiddling or tweaking.” I’m rarely satisfied with how I present or place acoustic guitars in a mix. They’re a big challenge for me. The individual track might sound fine, but how it sits with the other instruments is usually quite an issue. That was definitely true with this song.

Hi Swetch, somehow I missed this one when it came out. On vacation or something. I am liking it a lot. I’ve been to Siena, not during the horse race, but I’ve seen the “venue”, and I can imagine it’s quite spectacular. I think you have captured the pomp, celebration, and festival atmosphere very well. It’s a lovely recording, and thanks for sharing it. My suggestion would be to give the main acoustic guitar a little more reverb so it’s not so much in front of everything else, but that’s a very minor comment.

Thanks for the listen and the reverb suggestion, Early. I’ll try it to see if I’m any happier with the overall sound.
There are actually 2 different guitars alternating the parts, so I’ll try applying it to both of them. There was reverb already on the helix native patch plug in setting, but I’m guessing you’re suggesting to apply it to the guitars in the post, rather than pre, spot. Let me know if I’m wrong about that. FWIW, I ran the guitars into my audio interface through a Boss BB-1X Bass Driver pedal and an electro harmonix micro POG.