label cd

Where is the label creator for the cover of CD in WL7?
I only see the audio cd report.

If you seach the forum I believe you’ll find that it has not been included.


Confirmed, the Label Editor is not included anymore.

so i have to use WL6 for print cover for my client (it’s very useful for me ) and WL7 to make DDP
Not very clean…
Could you work on that

This was heavily discussed in previous Wavelab forum, check in archives…
I hope that PG will resurect this feature.




+1. I can’t believe a new version would have less features…Just reinstate the old label features please!!!

Pete Lyman

+1 for the Label Editor, please.
Thank you.

Any updates on this? I’m looking forward to design and print labels right on disc using epson cd printers…?