Label for section in unison in condensing


I am encountering a problem that turning on Dorico’s condensing changes the label behavior for section in unison and creates inconsistency.

Passages with no divisi, instrument number are separate from the instrument names (what I want to avoid):
System with divisi, instrument number is parked with name like usual:

Is there a way to force instrument number to always stay close to the name without messup my general alignment (names are aliened left)? i.e. to only have “Vln. I” instead of "Vln.[space][space][space]I "


And question number two:

Is there a way to get rid of the vertical “1” and “2” for condensed divisi? They are quite unnecessary as it is redundant to mark voices in a simple divisi a 2 like this.

The labels are stored in the Divisi change object. They are numbered by default, but you can change them. (If deleting the text reverts to the numbers, try putting in just a space.)

But if this divisi is so simple that it doesn’t even need separate staves in the part, there’s no need to use a divisi change in Dorico. Just write the notes and “div.” the way you want them to appear in the part.

Question one: Instead of letting Dorico automatically number the violin sections, what if you included the numbers I and II in the instrument names for these sections? Then the numbers would always immediately follow Vln.

Question two: In the Change Divisi dialog, set Show section numbers to Hide.

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That worked. Many thanks.