Label options for Custom Instruments and Variants!

Dear Community,

I am in the middle of the long process of creating Custom Instruments and Variants to suit my needs in terms of Playback Templates.

While getting started on various projects I encountered the following problem :

When I use 3 custom instruments or variants of the same instruments I am getting this Label Placement :

When clearly all my Layout and engraving options should give me this instead :

Obviously, Dorico is only getting the correct numbering from the instruments label all being “oboe”, but is treating those variants as entirely different instruments witch prevents it from correctly placing the labels. It still recognise the family as woodwind so the bracketing is correct.

So… either there is a way to fix this that I am not aware of, or the value of creating custom instruments and variants is greatly diminished by the lack of a way to identify custom instruments and variants with an instrument definition or sub family !!

Also, I was quite surprised to find out that you cannot access your Custom instruments and variants from the Ensemble instrument picker … which makes it impossible to create any ensemble based on your own custom instruments and variants !!

I am well aware that those are newly implemented and much welcomed functions and that we should soon see some improvements and added features, but since I haven’t seen it mentioned elsewhere… Here you go !!

Hi @Emmanuel_Cambier.

I don’t have D5 yet and so I’m not sure whether you should be getting your desired result but just aren’t, or whether it’s actually not possible.

Perhaps attach an empty project for someone to look at your setup?

Hi Daniel, thank you for your interest, those are in fact new functions of D5, and I am quite positive this is not project related as it is the same for all my projects, as for a user problem… I wouldn’t think so as some of the problems are related to functionality which doesn’t seem to be implemented yet, but I post here to find out if this is the case or not.

You should, of course, be able to create your own document template to pull up any or all of your custom instruments.

Hi Derreck,

A template can at times be a truly wonderful and useful tool… then at other times it is simply not what is needed and can in fact be a creativity killer.

Sometimes what is needed is a simple way to have all your custom instruments and variants ready to be used without creating some unsolvable layout problems… and the ability load sections or group of instruments as inspiration goes !!

I disagree that a template is a creativity-killer.

One can load a template with custom instruments and then add ensembles to it as well as deleting unneeded custom instruments.

Dorico is designed to support creativity, not replace it.

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Templates are great… as I have already answered you, but they just are not supposed to replace all other organisational tools !!

As for your last statement on Dorico and creativity, I sincerely can’t get the meaning of it in relation to the present topic… sorry.