Label Placement for custom instruments and variants

I was hoping for the new custom family option to help in this matter, but it doesn’t… so we are still lacking somewhat of an instrument definition to avoid the following issue :

When we use any number of custom instruments or variants of the same instruments we are getting this Label Placement :

Even when all Layout and engraving options should give us this instead :

This example bellow is only made possible by using 3 times the same default Oboe, and thus giving up on custom instruments and all playback benefits that goes with it.

Obviously, Dorico is only getting the correct numbering from the instruments label all being “oboe”, but is treating those custom instruments as entirely different instruments which prevents it from correctly placing the labels. It still recognise the family as woodwind, of course, so the bracketing is correct.

Creating an Oboe family isn’t changing anything in to the labelling.

The label placement for custom instruments and variants seems clearly hindered by the lack of a way to identify custom instruments and variants with a definitive instrument definition !!

Are each of the three oboes here the same instrument, or are they three different variants?

In the top image they are 3 different custom instruments pointing to 3 different VSTs.
In the bottom image they are the same instrument.

Thanks for the clarification. We can change things in future such that instruments that are variants of the same default instrument that have identical names can be grouped. I’ve made a note of it, and we’ll take care of it when we can.