Labeling - naming and conventions?

I have read the forums and come to an understanding that the solution for labeling in Dorico are a far cry from complete. I still have to ask, is it possible to replicate Gould’s examples (p. 509)? Specifically i’m thinking about the centered text (left example) vs the right aligned, The placement of CHORUS in both examples, the “Alternative-style” way of labling instrument divisi (ex. Horn in F, 1/2, 3/4).

Not yet, using the automatic labelling features that exist in Dorico today, but it is absolutely planned, using player groups in the Players panel to determine which staves should show the group labels.

You can do a (very) poor man’s version of group labels using Shift+X text that you drag into place, but obviously that’s a far from ideal solution.

Fair enough. Thanks for the reply!