Labelling both transposed and C score

I want to ship both a transposed and C score for an ensemble piece. I’ve successfully duplicated the full score layout (Setup | (right side) select Score and duplicate) and it correctly generates the two scores (one C, one transposed).

But I’m stuck including a label in the score itself “C Score” vs. “Transposed Score”. I’ve tried altering the Score Default First Page template to include {@layoutName@} but that token appears to be blank for scores.

Thanks for the assist!

Perfect use for the relatively new layout transposition token!

You can customize the text displayed when this token resolves in each layout, if required


Interesting idea. I put {@layouttransposition@} in my Full Score First Page template. Nothing shows up in either C or transposed score.

Have you got overrides in your layouts, by any chance? That would also explain why the layout name token wasn’t showing up.

Or, have you made sure your token changes have been added to both left and right pages in the page template? Ie have you used the copy left-to-right or vice versa buttons at the top?

I filled out the tokens for both the C and Transposed layouts. I don’t have any overrides. I’ve checked the actual PDF output files and no luck.

Ah, copy left to right is where I went off the rails. THANKS!

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Another approach is to use the Part layout on the Score. That way it displays the ‘Part’ name at the top – whatever name I assigned to the two score layouts.