Labels on notes in Key it possible?

I have a lot of Kontakt libraries (and even Halion Sonic) that use key switches. I’m aware that I can label notes in the drum editor, but it is possible to have labels/names in the key editor? When I was using REAPER, there was this option and I thought it was very helpful as I didn’t have to keep pulling out a text document with a list all the key switches.

You can add text to notes in the key editor. Look in the info line. Is that what you mean?

Otherwise, have you checked out expression maps?

Yes, definitely worth looking at expression maps - it’s one of Cubase’s great strengths.

No, he means these. There is not a way to do it in Cubase that I know of. It is a nice feature. The Note/VST Expression, sort of does it, but each articulation is not always visible for the keyswitch location. You have to go down to the lane and open it.
key label.png

Seems like that could be useful to lots of folks. Perhaps a post in the feature request forum is warranted.

Ah. I see, on the piano keys. This would be very useful.

The ability to color code them would be nice too.

So I should make a FR? Sounds like a great idea to add.

Yes, definitely - it would be a really good feature.



+1 on that.