Lack of Dynamics for Dorico iPad?

I originally thought that Dorico simply had a very flat dynamic range, but I figured out something:

Certain instruments don’t play dynamics at all.

Not certain sounds, certain instruments. I literally tried turning a piano to a cello sound, and it played dynamics fine. Even Iconica Sketch doesn’t.
All right, piano, drums and possibly some other instruments play dynamics fine, but everything else doesn’t do anything.

Why? Is this intentional?

(Have not checked the desktop version, will update soon :wink:)

[edit: yes, it works on computer, but not on iPad, confirmed. Rather strange to see as it apparently uses the same sound system.]

The file, open on both operating systems:
Untitled Project 2.dorico (635.9 KB)

I find this a rather serious difference between the computer and iPad versions, and for no apparent reason. (Who to ping?)

Welcome to the forum, @hamsandwichnow. Several members of the Dorico team read every post here, but also have full-time jobs with many duties and responsibilities beyond responding on the forum (indeed, nobody at Steinberg has “answering posts on the forum” as part of their job description), so we ask that forum posters don’t impatiently bump threads – particularly only after a few hours. You can be sure that somebody from the team will see your post, and we might even respond, but you may need to exercise patience. Thank you for your understanding.

Dorico for macOS/Windows has a larger repertoire of sounds than Dorico for iPad. On iPad, a simple set of 128 General MIDI patches is included, unless you have the optional subscription or Lifetime Unlock in-app purchase, which unlocks the Iconica Sketch sounds. The GM sounds in Dorico for iPad respond to velocity, but do not play continuous or gradual dynamics over the course of a single note. However, it appears that several of the sounds are incorrectly assigned to the C11 Dynamics expression map by default, which explains what you’re hearing.

In Play mode, select each instrument that uses one of the GM sounds (you can tell it’s one of those sounds because its name is prefixed with [GM in the Routing section of the Track Inspector), and choose Default in the Ex. map drop-down. That will then prompt Dorico to use velocity for dynamics.