Lack of insert slots

Hi folks, Computer Music are giving a away a VST in this month’s (“compression” issue) which hosts other VSTs (up to to four) so you can not only quadruple the number of inserts available to you - you can save favourite insert chains as presets and only “burn” one valuable slot in the process. :sunglasses:

It is VST2 and 3 compatible.

I’ve tried it. Seem’s to have problems with delay compensation with some plugins. All tracks where I run it, are out of sync.

Hmmm - I must say I’ve only tried a handful of plugs so far - It’ll be a shame if there are problems coz it looks really handy - especially the ability to map a grid of plugin controls on one screen.

Doesn’t happen very often, but when I need more than 8 inserts on a track I assign it to a group track and can add another 8. Not an elegant solution, but is there any reason not to do this?

But you haven’t got 8 slots as there’s a pre/post fader distinction. I too have routed the group track to get another batch of slots - the additional advantage is that will start another CPU thread being a “new” track which will spread the (CPU) load a bit.

True, only 6 will be pre-fader. And if you assign the track to a group and do your volume changes with the group track you should effectively have 8+6 pre-fader slots.

No freezing on the group track though, as far as I can tell.

I like putting different eqs and compressors on certain tracks, just so that I can A/B them in realtime. The slots can fill up pretty quickly.

The insert (and send) limitations need to be removed, I agree, though it’s not a deal breaker for most users.

It would be better if SB actually spent time allocating resources properly allowing the current 6/2 insert racks to be fully utilised by the current generation of plugins before adding more that many people just won’t be able to use without grinding their rig to halt. It’s one the major downfalls of C8 when compared to most other daws.

In the meantime, if you really can’t knock a tune out using the current array of inserts, sends and bussing, the free Waves Soundgrid/studio rack allows up to 8 plugins per insert, it really is a good solution and, it’s cross platform allowing your favourite chains to be used in just about any daw you come across or have installed. Check it out, it is free after all!