Lack of intuition in Groove agent

I’m not here to complain about Groove Agent 4 as such, as its sounds fantastic, but can someone out there explain how it works. I am used to just recording “live” GA3 in seconds, yet I am absolutely baffled by recording in GA4. I don’t think I’m an idiot, and I have been using GA since its inception, but the manual doesn’t seem to have the answers, neither do the videos.

I can record the input from my steinberg pads, but nothing from the GA4, not even the start stop. Why do I have to be in some mode to activate record? Why can’t I record when in live mode.

Finally, why am I going to have to spend an other £300 to get the same rhythms I had on GA3.

Steve :unamused:

Have you installed the last update? It added a Midi Out to GA4.