Lack of official support for pre-sales questions

I raised what I thought was a few simple pre-sales questions to cubase support and after eight days, no response. I have been a Steinberg customer for 30+ years and I find it astonishing. I am going to reach out to the community to see whether anyone here would be able to answer my question.

I am currently both a Nuendo 11 user (main system) and have a Cubase 4 license which I use from time to time for old projects. Both are licensed on separate eLicenser USBs

My computer system is a MacPro 2009 running Mojave and I am unable to upgrade it past Mojave. I have a couple of questions.

  1. Will Nuendo 12 work on the above system.

  2. Will cubase 12 work on the above system

  3. If the answer to 2 is no, please could you advise whether I can still upgrade my Cubase 4 to Cubase 11 and if so, how I go about this please?


I have downloaded Cubase 12 Pro Trial on my laptop (also Mojave) and it starts ok, but does not necessarily mean all of it will work, hence why reaching out to get answers. I also don’t want to install a Cubase variant on my main machine in-case it interferes with the Nuendo installation.

What I am trying to achieve is two fold.

  1. Interwork with other cubase users on music projects (not sure whether Nuendo can support cubase export)
  2. Keep up to date with new features.

Any help from here would be appreciated.

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