Lack of valid license for HALion 6


I upgraded to Dorico and did an install all. I am now very puzzled as to why on starting a new project (and usually after adding one instrument and before adding a second) that I get a warning saying I don’t have a valid license for HALion 6.

Is there anything I should have done before or after did the upgrade?

all help appreciated.

screenshot showing error message and eLicenser

Stephen, HAL6 needs a license on eLC, to be used…

Thanks - daft question… I thought version 4 onwards had abandoned eLicense Control . However - where do I find eLC? How do I check what I’m using? The upgrade to 4.3.30 came with HALion 7.0?

original post shows error message and eLC… am I missing soething

Stephen, actually I didn’t understand why a new project asks for HALion 6… I presumed you had some HALion 6 instrument, or perhaps it wasn’t HALion 6… Before Dorico4, Dorico used HALion Sonic SE 3.

Dorico 4 can (and prefer to) use HALion Sonic 7 (not HALion 7, which is a sampler). You can download it from SDA.

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Stephen, try going to the Play page of Preferences in Dorico and explicitly set Dorico to use HALion Sonic. That should stop it from trying to load full HALion.

Thanks Daniel - your suggestion works!