Lack of Volume using UR824 in OBS / FB / Zoom - need amp?

Hi, I have only low volume levels when using UR824 with OBS / FB / Zoom with or without cubase involved- be grateful of your advice to improve my setup. I want to have good quality sound and volume for open mike’s and playing to friends. My cheap PC webcam gives better sound which is crazy. In a simple setup I just have a single Rode NT2 mike into the UR824 with phantom power, loop back on and have the volume knob on the UR’s channel set to almost max where I’m getting -8db registering. Worried about noise floor if a raise even higher. The UR is connected directly to my windows PC and old active Tannoy speakers but for conferencing I turn the master knob to zero and use headphones into the UR to stop feedback. Am I expecting too much of the UR? Maybe I need to add an active mixer desk. A second question about the setup concerns when attempting to play a track Ive got in Cubase 10 to friends using OBS and FB or Zoom. Cubase will be using the UR’s driver so If I want to talk live while playing a cubase song do I need to set up a vocal track for it? Many thanks.