LADY ANNA VOiCE VSTI by Softrave - Female vocal sounds

This VSTi is made of 512 different female vocal sounds , effects, jokes and notes, made by Anna Pons, charismatic singer from pop punk band Green Dragonfly of Barcelona, Catalunia, Spain. It contains 4 banks with 128 vocal sounds each that can be properly pitched and mixed in proportion you want. This instrument was developed to use in wide spectrum of modern electronic music, from dance to experimental styles.
Plugin was developed by Softrave company, famous for its addiction for Bass Enchancing and weird sampling

You can download Free version of LADY ANNA VOICE VSTi with 20 free sounds to try her voice in your mixes.

Price of plugin is 15 Eu/ 20USD

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Don’t buy from spammers!

Don’t buy from spammers!

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