Lady Gaga Gets Egged for wheelchair stunt

John Lennon wore NHS glasses. Morrisey’s prop was a hearing aid. I guess this just takes it to its logical conclusion.

The article wasn’t clear whether she was egged off or egged on.

That’s pretty much how I feel. But what is so “outrageous” about performing in a sexually provocative way, or in skimpy clothing, etc. anymore? It’s been done to DEATH. And yet, each new popstar feels the need to go through her provocative period, as if it’s “cutting edge” to do so.

Sex sells Doug, simple as that.

Agreed. I can’t see any of it being called outrageous as it all follows the same formula:

Repetitive single note synth lines as the main music driving force
Choruses that are basically just a build up of the verse (ie. same music as the verse but with an extra synth layer)
Female singer in super revealing outfit
Choreographed dancing with backup dancers


For years I’ve agreed with this, but anymore I’m not sure, since “sex” is all the media ever gives us anymore… sounds like “market demand capture” to me*

*MDC: the cornerstone of my friend Tim Goodacre’s new economic thesis (attribution)

I don’t think it’s aimed at us “old farts”, it’s for the younger generation, I’m sure :imp: We have a lot of cynical threads here lately so I don’t want to go into too much detail in this thread, just that sex is a tried and trusted method for all manner of things connected with the music (not just pop) industry. Led Zep knew it and went for it, others too obviously. It’s an industry, includes singles, albums, downloads, posters, magazines, you name it. Even moreso with the internet. A lot of it free too (Youtube for example) so that reduces overheads…

Here Youtube account was suspendet for a short time yesterday, because she had copyright material published without permission.

That is also a way to get in the news…



But does she use Cubase??

Too bad Pterodactyls don’t still inhabit the Earth, IYKWIMAITYD. :wink: :mrgreen:

Since she probably does very little of her own writing and recording on the music end I doubt she has her own setup that she sits at. She likely uses a stererotypical industry studio that uses Protools on a Mac.


GaGa is a fine vocalist – better than Madonna – and either writes or co-writes all her tunes. And yes, when she takes off all the silly outfits and makeup, she’s quite a cutie.

I know sex sells, but I still wonder if that’s only because it’s the only option the industry and the media are offering us. I also think some of you, including Steve, may agree with me when I assert that revealing less, instead of more, can actually be more “stimulating” – it allows one’s imagination to fill in the blanks. A confession: I personally find looking at women in one piece bathing suits or little black dresses to be far more stimulating than full frontal nudity :sunglasses:

She’s also very intelligent. She is quite aware of what she is doing, the methods and the things that lead the fans on. I’ve seen a couple of interviews… (but count me in as well for not being a fan of the music).

In the smaller picture we can say sex sells, just like we always did. And in a way that’s true. But just like sex… having it the same old way with a mate without any change or experimentation… it just gets old and less interesting.

So the larger picture is the same. As the public is saturated with the “same old sex”, it has to become more experimental and bizarre to keep selling.

This comment made me think of that song “Video killed the Radio Star” from way back in the 90s.

We used to allow music to stand on its own, then MTV came along, and it changed seemingly forever. There are many of us who are still discriminating listeners who are not fooled or swayed by the visual, sadly the majority are or at least are prone to being. The SHOW as you stated Steve, became the emphasis, instead of the music, which is why so much mediocre crap is now considered mainstream… if you were to take away the visual, what is popular would undoubtedly change.

Not to discredit Gaga, I think she’s got the music in her, but would she be where she is now, if nobody could see the window dressing?

Just sayin’!

Excellent analysis and 100% agree. As I said earlier in this thread, all these pop diva’s, even the men (eq, boy bands) follow the same formula - Sex appeal, simple music, and choreographed dancing on stage.


Well, I for one wasn’t suggesting all music needs to be incredibly complex. I was more pointing out how so many of the song/dance diva music all seems to be the same single note synth lines. Then on top of that the choruses are almost always just the verse with one more synth layer on top. Hearing that from so many of these artists does not fill any musical desire/need I have, quite the opposite actually, it becomes rather annoying. it’s like listening to a band that literally plays only single open notes and writes an album worth of songs around that while consistently staying between 130-146bpm. Sure there are those that like it, just not me, and nothing can make me see how others like it without changing my entire brain wiring.