Lag in closing Key editor window / instrument GIU in large p

I’m experiencing window lag in large sessions with many VSTI’s. It seems this issue only occurs in large sessions, so this might be a bit difficult to replicate as I dont know exactly when this lag starts to show up. I’ve been working on a Cubase project for about 2 months now, and about 2 weeks ago I noticed when I would click the “edit instrument” button (or use my key command) it would occasionally take a good 3 seconds before it would open, when previously it would be basically instant. Then one day earlier this week, when I would close a Key editor after doing midi editing in my current project, I consistently get a color wheel for about 3 seconds before it closes. This one is consistent.

Both of these issues never happened before, and if I start a fresh Cubase 8 project they do not occur. I even tried opening this current “large” project in Cubase 7.5 and these issues are not there. Both the edit instruments and key editor seem fully responsive and snappy. In fact, I will probably finish my project in Cubase 7.5 for these lags slow me down too much and become very frustrating.

Again I unfortunately do not have step by step instructions on how to replicate these issues as it just eventually cropped up as my project got bigger. I did adjust my VST audio system settings to include AISO Guard as it became necessary for my large project, so perhaps they are related? Or perhaps Cubase 8.0.3 projects become unstable as they grow in size, though again I dont understand why I can open the exact same project in Cubase 7.5 and it behaves normally. Perhaps there is something going on with the updated AISO Guard?

Here are my system specs:
Cubase 8.0.3
Mac OS 10.9.5
32GB Ram (still plenty available in the project)

Working on another large project and the problem is back. Anyone else experience this behavior?

Not exactly the same but since cubase 8.5, when I close midi editor, another window comes in front, whrn I click on mixer, for example, a plugin window appears in front, it’s crazy !

AND BALL BREAKER ! And with the latest update, it’s absolutely the same ! They gave us a function that nobody cares : edge window thing to open things and impossible to disable it, but they don’t fix that random window behavior !

Am I alone to get that fuc…g issue ?