Lag on a few tracks HELP!!!

Hi everyone,

First post here after more than 10 years using cubase, that’s how odd this one is.

I’ve recorded a project a few months back and decided to fix a few things in the mix, it has a big choral section recorded on 16 tracks but I was just trying to fix the drum part; everything worked but before I exported I played the song and the choral tracks are completely out of sync with the rest of the tracks. The images are fine, the containers are where they should be, the audio meter on the tracks themselves show the audio of each track playing where it should but the actual audio sounds about a second late. On some tracks that have two audio containers, it will play back with a lag on one of the containers but not the second one. I tried creating a new project for just the choral part hoping it would realign everything with no luck. I got rid of all the plugins, made sure there was no track delay, still the same issue. I restarted the computer a few times but no luck. Also, what’s very weird is that the audio stops exactly where the containers stop, just starts playing with a long delay. I’m close to giving up. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Update: I’ve opened another project to rework the mix, exported a mixdown for mastering and one of the drum tracks is slighty out of sync with the rest of the tracks. Since it’s a vst drum machine in Kontakt I thought it was a problem of CPU while exporting-which would have been a first-but it does the exact same thing when playing the project with all inserts and sends bypassed. The midi containers are all fine and start where they should, it’s the same thing that happens with my choral section in the other project. i’m giving Cubase a few days to calm down and hopefully fix itself…