Lag on particular songs in setlisrt


I’ve been programming VST live for my band and loving it. In my setlist I have a particular song that causes massive scroll lag, and all my cues (DMX mainly) are offset because of it (i.e. they dont align with the audio). The CPU bar is barely even moving during this song. Im trying to work out what might be causing it.
I had a similar issue with another song in the setlist, but removing the plugins from the vocal track seemed to sort it out. Shame really, the computer is capable of handling this but the application doesn’t seem to be.
On the track that is currently causing me issues, I have no plugins. I don’t have any more/less audio tracks running simultaneously than other songs. I deleted all the DMX tracks. Its still just completely unusable for that one song. All my other songs work fine. Any ideas?
Windows 11 Pro, AMD Ryzen 5 3550Hz, 16Gb RAM. VST Live Pro version


It sounds that a specific song has that problem. Can you give me access to that song? If yes, send me a PM. To prepare the song you could use “VST Live / Menu / Song / Save Song…” and tick "“Do you also want to save the Song assets, …” message. Select an empty folder, zip it and give it to me. Then we’ll analyse the song.

Thank you,