Lag on play using UAD Plugs in the inspector

I’m experiencing this terrible lags every time I put a Uad plugin (I’ve got a Satellite FW Quad UAD-2) in the inspector.
No lags using other plugs… I didn’t try all the plugs but it seems ok with Fabfilter or Sonnox…
Everything worked perfectly in my “old” DAW with WaveLab 9.5 on an Intel cpu and no lags or strange latency using the same UAD plugs in Nuendo 10.3 in the new DAW.

It’s very annoying. Any idea??
Thanx in advance,

With UAD plugin?

Yes, I tried Precision Limiter and Precision K stereo… same problem.

Same problem after rebooting both Windows and your audio device?

Yes, the lags stay there after reboot.
With every UAD plugin…
Here is a very short explanatory video:

Do I get it right, that playback starts after a noticeable delay?
But when rendering, is there a problem?

Yes, playback is delayed!
I tried rendering just one song. Seems ok.

Might be the audio block size defined in the uad settings.
If there is a lag, this is because the uad device is not ready.

Mmm… ok, thanks Philippe…
I tried with “extra buffering” option in Uad Control Panel, nothing.
I tried setting from minimum to maximum the UAD priority on the firewire bus, nothing.
I tried from 48 samples to 1024 in the RME settings… nothing. :cry:

Any idea?? I always use UAD plugs in mastering!

256 or 512 would seem a good choice.
Maybe some other UAD plugin user can shed some light here.

Hi Philippe, Important update:

  • moving the UAD plugs from the INSPECTOR (clips or track or output the lag is always present) to the MASTER SECTION the problem disappear. I can load UAD plugs without any lags or latency!
    So could we infer it’s a WL 10/inspector issue???

Did you try without any other processor in the montage? Maybe the problem is not with UAD.

Yes I tried a brand new montage with a single UAD plug and playback lags.
I tried also re-installing WaveLab 9.5. Here the issue’s behavior is a bit different because it is present in both the situations, inserting the plug in INSPECTOR as in MASTER sections…

But let’s talk about WL10 scenario:

  • one (any) UAD plugin inserted in the INSPECTOR (clips/track/output it does not matter), with or without other pluglins, the issue is present.
  • one ore more (any) UAD plugins inserted in the MASTER SECTION, with or without other pluglins, the issue is NOT present.

I absolutely think the problem is not with UAD, but in some way it’s UAD-related.
Otherwise the lag should be there also when the UAD plugin is inserted in the MASTER section!

So the problem is with UAD plugs inserted specifically in the INSPECTOR.

Hi Philippe, any other idea?
I don’t know…perhaps should I report the problem in any official way?

I have just tested it (but on Mac), and I don’t have any lag.
I am wondering if another PC user could test this case…