Lag when switching Midi tracks in Cubase 12

I’m experiencing an input lag (between 2 and 3 secs) when switching Midi tracks in my project.
This issue starts happening after a while, let’s say after 10 minutes of working.
More specifically, the project I’m working on is a template with multiple instances of VEP 7 (located on the same machine of the DAW).
Everything was working fine before updating from Cubase 10 - osX Sierra to Cubase 12 - Big Sur.
Any suggestion? Thanks

Hi and welcome to the forum,

With the default setup, the track becomes Record Enabled, when you select it. This switches the track to the real-time mode.

Hi Martin,
thank you for your kind and fast reply.
Unfortunately, the issue happened again, but once closed and re-opened the project, the problem disappeared and everything went smooth and fast as usual. As for now, it seems that everything goes fine only if I work without loading new samples or without creating new midi tracks. The problem appears once I load new instruments in the VEP server and/or connect them to the VEP instances and tracks in Cubase. Does it make sense? Thank you again.


Does it happen immediately after you created the new track or does it happen anytime after you have created the new track, please?

It appears after a while, not immediately, and not always in the same way. Yesterday I did not have latency while switching but had full audio dropouts while playing a long note of a strings sample. Again, the only thing I did was adding an new instrument on a new instance in VEP.
Thank you.

After several attempts, I can confirm the problem (latency while switching tracks) disappears only when closing and re-opening Cubase. What could cause the issue?