Lagging Cubase 6 AI


Lately my Cubase is really lagging.

Here is a video: - it’s not regular but it’s happening almost every minute and half.

When it lags then DISK pointer gets overloaded. I diagnosed the disk with HDD scan and there was no errors found.

Can you help me? Should I buy new HD even when HDD scan showed no errors?

Thanks for your answers.

You could raise your latency if you’re in the mixing stage.

If you’re tracking you could export a mixdown then open that in a fresh project and record your tracks to it then bring the tracks back into the original project.

It’s a function of workload vs capacity.

So the workload, whatever you’re asking the computer to do, all the effects and VSTi’s in cubase and whatever you got going on in the background.
It’s good to have a dedicated music machine with no programs checking for updates and other things going on while you’re trying to work.

Then the capacity or what can your computer do?

I spent $1500 buying components and building a fancy computer a decade ago and it was great but eventually a used desktop for $200 could run circles around it because things are always improving. That’s what I use now is old business desktops setup for music.

That’s overkill.

Which model of laptop is this? Many laptops come with slow hard drives unsuitable for DAW use, and having antivirus software running in the background can make the issue worse. You may be able to make the issue go away by also increasing Cubase’s Disk Preload and set any sample-based instruments to use more RAM. This reduces how much they rely on your hard drive.

I always use the highest buffer size when I mix which is 2048 samples with I think 56 seconds output latency. I use this computer only for music recording.

Here are the full specs of my laptop.

I don’t have installed an antivirus or unneeded software to run in background and I don’t connects this computer to the internet at all and I hope I did everything to faster it up. I’ve been trying to even format disk and reinstal Windows. It didn’t help.

The problem is, that I never have this problem before. It started few weeks ago, so I’m looking for the cause.

Could it be, that some parts just getting older and slowing down?

2048 samples might also be past the point of diminishing returns.