Lagging graphics in Cubase 8 on Win 7/64

Just installed Cubase 8 on my Windows 7 PC here. When, for example, dragging around an audio clip in a project that contains about 20 audio tracks, the overall feel is very sluggish. I do not have, and have never had, this problem in 6.5.5 which is also installed on the same machine. Could it have anything to do with Aero? I’ve always run my system with Aero turned off, but apparently this isn’t possible anymore.

Could it be a video card memory thing? I’m using a 2560x1600 Dell screen with an Nvidia NVS295 (256 mb) video card.

Anyone with the same issues or any ideas for tweaks?

i had the same impression. made a thread about it over here:

one of the reasons i’m not using this version anymore.

Hi Lucas! Thanks. I read your thread and I totally agree. Sluggishness, in my opinion, is one of the things that can have the most negative impact on your creative workflow.
The C8 GUI performs a lot better on my Macbook Pro than on Windows, though…