Lagging on macOS ventura

hey i just started with cubase and got the Cubase Element 12 Trail. i downloaded everything but it look like it is almost cant run the software. its lagging and not open smooth.
is any one had the same problem with Mac?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Iā€™m sorry for your experience.

Which Mac do you use (Intel-/M1/M2-based)? What kind of sluggish do you experience? Is it in the GUI or drop outs while playback? Our something else?

Do you have any 3rd party plug-ins installed?

M1 64 ram, pretty powerful machine, and I am a video editor and want to become better at sound design and scoring.
I can send some photos of my problem but how can it be. And I have some 3rd party plugins but they are free

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Free plug-ins are often not a good idea when starting out with a new program. As with video troubleshooting, you could try removing all your plug-ins, and begin with only Cubase installed and see if that makes a difference. Then add plug-ins a few at a time. Another suggestion is to consider updating your operating system.

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Hi there, I have the same problem than OP. MacOS Ventura, M1 Ultra 64gb RAM, Cubase Pro 12.I am witnessing super sluggish performance right in the beginning when opening the software. Mouse icon is moving so slow in the screen. I have many 3rd party plugins and going to remove those and start again to see if that makes any difference.