Laggy/choppy playback in nuendo 12.0.4

Can someone please tell me why I’m facing a choppy/inconsistent/laggy playback in Nuendo 12.0.4? I’m in Dolby Atmos workflow, using ASIO4ALL as my driver and I’m hearing it on my Headphones. Nuendo is using only 25-30% of processor. Can someone please help me? I’ve recorded this with my phone as ASIO can’t be recorded. Please someone help.
I can’t post any links here otherwise I would’ve shown my problem.

choppy/inconsistent/laggy playback… This sounds like audio buffer problems. Generally, when people use an audio interface, the buffer setting can be changed from smaller to larger values. If the value is too small, the playback can have the problems you describe.

What audio interface are you using? Why use the ASIO4ALL driver? etc.

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