Laggy faders on High Sierra with C 10 5 ( a comparison test to Win 10 )

Here are two videos demonstrating the difference in performance between Windows 10 and High Sierra regarding the lagging of the faders on the Mac side of the same computer. One side is Windows 10 with bootcamp which demonstrates excellent performance compared to the other side which is High Sierra presenting a laggy performance.

It would be great for Steinberg to have a look.

Thank you

Same project. Same settings.

Windows 10 boot camp. No fader lag

High Sierra fader lag

Solution / info:

Oh well. this is an all too common issue with Apple OS as every single time they “update” their OS, things fall apart and not just from Steinberg either. We have heard this so often from Mac OS/Logic/ProTools users as well, where an IOS update kills off either Logic or ProTools compatibility and they have to spend several days getting everything working again and nobody ever seems to point the finger where it should be pointed - Apple’s aggressive business models that would certainly end up in court of Microsoft tried it on.

We can not send complaints to Steinberg as that where “we bought our product” yet it seems to me that the daw causing the problem, but - is the Apple OS and their insistence that you constantly “upgrade” it every few months to yet another rewrite of OSX!
So try writing to Apple and threatening them with a class action suit instead, perhaps, and see what kind of a reply you get back as after all, it is their code causing the problems.
OSX? not funny in these days…


Thanks for your reply C.

Here’s an interesting reference.

Studio One 4.6 And High Sierra No Fader Lag

Logic Pro X 10.4.8 and High Sierra No Fader Lag

High Sierra isn‘t supported anyway, is it…?

**Cubase has fader lag on High Sierra with 10.0.50 as well .
Looks the same as 10.5 lag to me here with 100 tracks linked and fader move with mouse.

  1. Logic= No issue
  2. StudioOne= No issue
  3. Reaper = No issue

Cubase is a mess on the Mac. PC is the place to be for Cubase IMO, same for StudioOne

Thanks for the confirmation Shanabit!
I thought I also remember C 10 having the same issues.

I’m going to use Windows for Cubase now but I hope they can fix that blinding white flash when opening Groove Agent, Halion Sonic, Retrologue and Padshop.

Doesn’t hapen with 3rd party vsts or the older Cubase synths.

It’s a very bad design flaw with cubase that audio and midi events are delayed/synced with daw video sync. Especially when cubase video refresh is extremely poor. It was so obvious when 10.5 went sluggish on OSX and the daw controllers like MCU was as equal sluggish. You also have transport sync rise-conditions due to poor graphics. I guess that they have to much legacy so they cant change the architecture to solve this type of issues.