Laggy gui cubase 10 macbook pro

hey there
i bought a new macbook pro 14 m1 pro 16GB RAM 512SSD
however cubase 10 gui performance is pretty lame especially in the piano roll
also when i’m scrolling up and down or left and right.
i’ve notice that this problem is familiar with many cubase users around the internet and they didn’t find a way to fix this although they have high end computers whether it’s pc or mac.

someone’s got any idea how to fix this ?

I’ve got a ticket in with support for a similar issue. Been a few weeks now, heard nothing.

As i said before i’ve seen a lot of posts on internet about this issue and nobody got it fixed
I’m really disappointed it happens to me even with just one retrologue open while the project is totally empty
The lags are really prevents me write some notes on piano roll… i mean yeah everything is super laggy
I’ve tried some other daws as logic and ableton and everthing works smooth…

I tried running cubase today with all 3rd party plugins disabled. No gui issues , runs perfectly. So it seems to me that the problem is in the vst folders. It doesn’t make much sense especially as no 3rd party plugins are actually used in previous test projects., but cubase does scan these folders on start up.