Laggy screen updates: Win & Nvidia

I’m having intermittent issues with the ‘laggy screen updates’ also reported elsewhere over the last few years & particularly in the Cubase forum.

In this case, N10 keeps playing sound as it should, but the screen freezes for a few seconds while it seems to be doing something or other in the background. There doesn’t seem to be a any particular correspondence to project size, age, if MIDI is a big feature or not, plug in usage, in-line film or not. Seems to randomly occur when say, making FX strip changes or other basic editing while playing. A scan elsewhere indicates the following potential fixes:
Turn off auto hit-point detection
Video card drivers / try disabling HiDPI mode
MIDI timestamping is set correctly
Older projects (?)
Read/write mode, admin mode etc.

I can’t say any of these seem to have had a particular effect, but up front, yes, the latest Nvidia drivers are installed on this computer and elsewhere on other apps seems to be working fine, as it should (eg: DaVinci Resolve Studio, Wavelab, Pro Tools etc).

This particular ‘fix’ seems to have improved the issue for now:
Open the NvidiaControl Panel. Click on 3D settings then the Program Settings tab on the right side. Check to see if Nuendo is listed, if not, add Nuendo.exe. Then scroll to “Power management mode” and change it to “Prefer maximum performance” & Apply.