"Laissez vibre" options for seconds?

“Laissez vibre” seems to be handled differently when an interval of a second (or enharmonic prime in this case) is up or down stem. Up stem has the ties not aligned as nicely as downstem:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-01 um 23.14.56

I couldn’t find an option where to influence that. Where do I have to look?

I don’t think there a global option, but you can select the upper note and change the tie direction property

by the way (I got inspiration from the title of this post), wouldn’t it be nice to have the possibility to define how many seconds l.v. extends the sound (playback) in the properties?

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So far as I know (though I’ve not done any experimentation to check) the standard engraving options for regular ties are applied for laissez vibrer ties, so if you would also find this kind of arrangement undesirable for regular ties on a dyad a second apart, you might want to consider adjusting the tie endpoint engraving options.

Thank you, @Janus, for your feedback! I’d rather not change the directions, they are correct to my understanding.

Thank you, @dspreadbury , for your feedback! I haven’t found an option that adjusts the l.v. of the lower staff in such a way that they’d be aligned. (Which might be wrong anyway; I admit I do not know the standard rules in this case.) However, I am becoming a little bit better at Dorico and switched to Engraver mode, where offsets are possible. Fantastic! Should have done so before posting, so I apologise for wasting anybody’s time!

Update: There is no separate setting for l.v. attached to a chord that contains seconds from what I have tested so far.
Would be a great addition, though!

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