Laissez vibrer bug

I enclose a project where laissez vibrer ties appear some bars latter than where written, without any note. As it is too big to attach in the forum (11MB), I send a download link:!Ag6nrAwefnFvj4IXmrjrZK8BBaWQMw

I hope it helps to solve this bug.
Thank you!

The problem appears on my machine too, and I don’t have an answer to why the l.v. tie is appearing several bars later.
For future reference, note that the vast bulk of the file size comes from playback overrides. Before trying to upload a Dorico project, go into Play mode, then go to the Play menu and click Playback Template… Set it Silence. In the case of this file, doing this then saving the file resulted in an eventual file size of 427kb.

Thank you pianoleo! I though that it was strange that the file was so big… Next time I will follow your advice.

The problem whereby laissez vibrer ties can sometimes appear floating detached from notes is a bug and it’s on our list to be fixed.

Excellent! Thanks.

Also, laissez vibrer ties behaves unwantedly in connection to double dots. (Sometimes needed for whole-bar values, see attached.)

I’m experiencing this problem too. Is there already a ssolution for this? If it’s only visually, but not printed, I’m okay with it for the time being, but if it’s also printed, then I have a problem as the deadline is coming near for the score to be sent to the orchestra.

I’m afraid there’s no solution for this at the moment, but it remains on our list of bugs to be fixed.

Okay, thanks for the swift reply!

I have a somewhat related question regarding the displacement of l.v ties. I refer to the attached example. To avoid collision with the note tail, the top l.v is farther away from the note than the bottom one. Is there any way to make them align automatically or is adjusting manually in engrave mode the only option? Another solution would be to edit the length of the actual note tail thus making space for the l.v tie.

This can be set in the engraving options, how long the tie needs to be, distance from the notehead and so on. Just play a bit with the settings to see what works best for you.

I assume you mean the engraving options, not the properties panel, right? May I ask where it is located in the engraving options so that it can be set globally?


Yes, in the engraving menu to be exact, there you can tweak the settings for ties.

Hi all, and thanks for the suggestions! There’s indeed a lot of ways to customize and change how ties behave, but as I understand this will affect all other ties in the score as well, and I only want to change the behavior of l.v ties. I don’t even know if this is considered ‘correct’ but I would like to have the two l.v. ties aligned vertically in instances like my example above.

What do you all think? It might just be my personal preference, but I feel that they need to be aligned. I don’t find this a problem with normal ties as they connect to the next note. As of now, I see to options:

  1. Lengthening the stem so that the l.v tie tucks underneath (Ex. 1)
  2. Moving the bottom l.v tie manually in Engrave mode (Ex. 2)

What do you think? Is there any specific rule regarding this? I know that Gould works with some flexibility in the length of the note tail (flag), but I don’t think it’s possible to change this in Dorico as of yet?
Ex. 1.png
Ex. 2.png

Whatever you do, please don’t do #1. My two cents.

Leave the stem the standard length, and move the top tie down to tuck under the flag.

There’s an argument to be made that Dorico shouldn’t displace ties to avoid flags by default. Although some publications do this, I think with the benefit of a few more years’ experience and looking at a wider array of scores, it might be more common for ties to be allowed to bisect flags by default, and that is something that we may well change in future, for what it’s worth.

Thanks for the feedback Dan and Rob. I believe I will just try what Rob is suggesting, or stick with example two. And Daniel, thanks for letting me know your thoughts. I might just investigate a bit myself too after I finish the piece I’m currently working on.